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Create your own website or hire a professional?


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Should You Hire A Web Designer?

Embarking on the quest to stake your claim in the vast digital wilderness? Welcome to the crossroads of DIY website building and professional design—where the paths diverge in a wood, and I’m here to help you choose the one less likely to make you pull your hair out.

As someone who’s spent over two decades in the trenches of graphic design, I’ve crafted everything from sleek websites to flyers that probably flew further than expected. But let’s talk about you. You’re ready to launch your brand into the stratosphere (or at least get a decent Google ranking), and you’re standing at the fork in the road: Do you roll up your sleeves and dive into DIY website building, or do you hand the reins to a seasoned pro like myself? Here’s the lowdown, with a sprinkle of humor, because let’s face it, we all need a laugh when facing the great unknown of the internet.

DIY Design: For the Brave and the Budget-Conscious

The Online Shop Builder: Shopify vs. Wix

  • Shopify: It’s like the Swiss Army knife for online shops—if Swiss Army knives came with a monthly subscription.
  • Wix: Where you click, drag, and occasionally drop (hopefully not your coffee on the keyboard) to create an e-commerce site that looks pretty darn professional, if I do say so myself.

The Informative Site Sculptor: Squarespace vs. WordPress

  • Squarespace: Picture the cool, artsy kid in class who makes everything look effortless. That’s Squarespace, with templates so beautiful they could make a grown marketer cry.
  • WordPress: The wise old sage of website building, offering endless flexibility if you’re willing to learn its ancient, mystical ways (aka plugins and widgets).

The Blogging Platforms: WordPress vs. Medium

  • WordPress: It’s not just for blogs, but it’s like that old, comfortable pair of jeans you can’t give up—reliable, customizable, and slightly faded in the knee.
  • Medium: Imagine writing in a sleek, modern café where everyone nods appreciatively at your insights, and you don’t have to worry about the dishes (aka site maintenance).

The Professional Route: For Those Who’d Rather Not Google “What is HTML?”

Choosing a professional designer (hi, that’s me!) means you get to focus on what you love while I translate techno-babble into a stunning website that speaks your brand’s language fluently. It’s perfect for those who value their sanity over the thrill of navigating website builders at 2 a.m.

  • Why Go Pro? Because sometimes, the peace of mind knowing your site won’t suddenly look like a Picasso painting when viewed on a phone is worth every penny.
  • Still want to learn more? I have an article that compares and, you can find it here.

Final Words of Wisdom (or Something Like That)

Whether you decide to brave the wilds of DIY website creation or let a seasoned explorer guide you through the jungle, remember: The goal is to end up with a digital space that feels like home. If you’re leaning toward DIY, I salute your adventurous spirit and am here with a map and compass (in the form of advice and tips). Should you prefer to travel in style (aka the pro design route), my door’s always open for a chat over virtual coffee.

Creating your digital presence is an adventure, and whether you’re the Indiana Jones of website building or more of a “let the guide do the heavy lifting” kind of traveler, I’m here to ensure you enjoy the journey—and that we have a few laughs along the way.

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